Our Program
Messiah Christian Preschool makes no discrimination in admissions or determination of enrollment on the basis of race, sex, color, religious belief, or national origin.  Children must be toilet trained before they begin school.

Purpose & Objectives
As a Christian preschool, development of Christian faith is a goal in program planning. Activities shall be planned that add to the spiritual life of young children.  As Christians we shall teach the preschoolers:

  • to see themselves as God’s children
  • to feel secure in God’s love
  • to grow in a desire to care for God’s creation
  • to respond to God’s love by caring for others.

Education Philosophy

Our developmentally appropriate program will encourage the development of self-esteem, social interaction, self expression, physical development, and intellectual growth. We believe that children are unique individuals that can learn through play by increasing their skills, creativity, and understanding.  All children need to grow and develop at their own rates.  Activities will be offered that will encourage and reinforce the following areas of development:


  • Small muscle
  • large muscle
  • general health & nutrition

  • large & small group participation
  • dramatic play and role playing
  • accepting responsibilities
  • one on one instruction when needed

  • daily prayer
  • Worship Center
  • kindness and sharing with others


  • various art media
  • rhythm instruments
  • creative movement & dance

  • problem solving
  • learning centers
  • math and science
  • reading readiness
  • pre-writing
  • letter recognition
  • number recognition